Greendich Enterprise, Co., Ltd., established in 1983, has become a major importer of quality components in Taiwan's electronic industry, as well as a leading exporter of Taiwan computer products and peripherals. We offer a broad range of products backed by a complete and responsive service organization.

   Greendich has contributed to the dramatic growth of the Taiwan personal computer industry with dedication and effort, with its commitment to be the best. Greendich has achieved its well-known reputation through honesty, dedication and enthusiasm. Our name known in Taiwan, not only in the information industry, but also among manufacturers of home appliances, automatic control products, automatic testing equipments and communication products.

 To take the lead in supporting an industry that is in constant change.
With branches in Southern Taiwan (Kaohsiung) and Hong Kong, our goal is to expand our product lines and customer base, by offering Quality, Reliable Products and Dependable Service

 Innovation and resource investment characterize our image and will continue to enhance the sureness of a successful future.

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